Benefits of Audit


Improvement in Internal Systems and Controls

The numbers of a company may be important, but it is not everything. We could not emphasize enough on the importance of having a good internal system and control, as everything starts from a good system and control. In short, a good internal system and control leads to increased efficiency and reduction in cost or wastage. At Tham Consulting Group, our associated qualified and licensed auditors proactively gain an understanding of your business’s overall system and control environments. Therefore, enabling us to identify deficiencies in the accounting system or controls for which recommendations will be made.

Reduced Risk in Poor Accounting

An audit provides independent verification on accounting transactions. It also provides an opinion on the financial statement whether:

Our associated auditors ensure that your accounts are prepared in accordance to the requirements of the relevant financial standards.

Having your financial statements audited on a timely basis will also reduce non-compliance costs. For example, penalties for late submission to the Companies Commissioners of Malaysia.


Fraud Prevention

Workplace fraud can occur for years without being detected. In some cases, this can be so substantial that businesses could not recover from financially.

Our associated auditors are highly experienced and trained in pinpointing such risks. At the same time, we will offer practical solutions to such concerns.

However, directors or shareholders of a company who are not involved in the accounting functions can be assured that the business is running in accordance with the information they are receiving. This is as we offer close Partner-led client relationship.


Better Planning and Budgeting

The benefits of audit allows increased accuracy of the financial statements. With this, business owners will be able to rely on the audited financial statements. Hence, this will lead to better financial planning, budgeting and financial decision-making for the future.