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A Sdn. Bhd. company in itself is a legal entity, where its operations are bounded by many rules and regulations in Malaysia. Besides that, a Sdn. Bhd. also requires audit, submit tax returns and submit annual returns.

For such purposes, a Sdn. Bhd. must engage auditors, tax agents and company secretaries to remain compliant.

That being said, companies often appoint our firm because they:

In addition, we offer close partner-led client relationships with a fast and responsive team. Because of that, many of our clients commented that they appreciate our personal service, accessibility of team members and quick response.

Services for Company

Here is a summary of audit, taxation and company secretary services requirements you will need to take note of for a Sdn. Bhd. Whether it is a one-off assignment or ongoing work, we will build a tailored package for the services that you require. As a note, all services other than taxation, accounting, advisory and consulting, will be performed by our associated partners. By all means, please contact us for more information.

The Essentials


Statutory Audit

Aside from being a statutory requirement, audit provides assurance to your stakeholders on the credibility of your financial reports. Audit is often only being seen as a “requirement”, an audit actually serves as a health check. That being said, we will inspect your accounts and accounting records to ensure that they conform with the guidelines. Therefore, our auditors will bring to your attention on any issues or errors detected on a timely basis.



Basic corporate tax compliance services:

Besides that, other additional corporate tax compliance services you may need and take note of:


Company Secretary

Our associated firm that has highlight experience Licensed Secretaries will carry out this service. With this in mind, below are the services provided:


Accounting and Book-Keeping

Due to the high cost of maintaining your own finance department, you may consider to outsourcing your finance department to our firm. For example, fixed staff costs such as salaries, allowances, overtime payments, bonuses, medical benefits and insurances and staff training costs, including issues on high finance staff turnover may be eliminated. As our tagline goes, “Focus on growing your business, trust the accounting to us.”

The Value Adding


Tax Planning

Keeping up with the ever-changing tax legislation and new reliefs can be difficult and time consuming. Thus, we can help you look ahead to create a strategy that helps fully utilize the available tax reliefs. This includes tax incentives and other allowable tax deductions. With this intention, it will definitely minimize the amount of tax you pay.


Tax Health Check

Are you unsure whether you have been complying with requirements of the Income Tax Act 1967? With the tax returns you submitted during the past tears, are you having doubts? Let all of your doubts be cleared as we provide tax health checks. We will perform detailed reviews of your past tax submissions, accounts, supporting documents and information. Henceforth, through this exercise, we will highlight issues and recommend the best practices to mitigate any non-compliance risks.


Tax Advice

Transactions and businesses are becoming more complex. Hence, if you are seeking for tax advice for a particular situation you are facing, our tax advisors can discuss your options and identify appropriate solutions.


Tax Audits & Investigations

Are you are targeted for desk audits, tax audits or tax investigations? If yes, we can advise on the best course of action. Moreover, we can also represent you for negotiations and appeals to the IRB.


Capital Statements

The importance of capital statements in Malaysia has been majorly overlooked. To the point that, individuals, company directors or shareholders are requested to present to the IRB their capital statements. Their capital statements are comprising of two forms – CP103 (for assets and liabilities) and CP102 (cash flow income and expenditure). Additionally, IRB uses the capital statement as a tool to detect tax evasions. Therefore, we provide this service for individuals who wish to look into their actual net worth. This will also act as a measure to ensure that their taxes are not under-reported. Not just that, this would be a good practice as it will ensure that individuals are fully prepared. In short, they will be able to provide the necessary information and documents for inspection in the event of an audit or investigation.


Tailored In-House Seminars & Trainings

The scope of taxation is wide. Hence, we acknowledge the fact that each business is unique and taxpayers are often overloaded with information. Additionally, taxpayers are also unsure if certain regulations, guidelines, practices and even provision of the law is applicable to their business operations and industries. To tackle that, we provide in-house tax seminars and trainings, covering different areas of tax, specially tailored to your company’s needs.

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