We are the approved tax agent licensed with the Ministry of Finance under Section 153(3) of the Income Tax Act 1967. Find out more about taxation services we offer below.

Tax Compliance Services

Learn more about the mandatory requirements you are expected to meet within the taxation legislation in Malaysia.

Value Adding Tax Services

Find out more about other value adding tax services we offer, e.g. being your representative for tax audits and appeals, tax planning, customised internal training and other tax advisory services.

Tax Compliance Services


Tax Submission

  • Form BE for salaried individuals
  • Form B for sole proprietors or enterprises
  • Form P for partnerships
  • Form C for companies
  • Form TF for associations or clubs

Value Adding Tax Services


Tax Planning

Keeping up with the ever-changing taxation legislation and new reliefs can be difficult and time consuming. Thus, we can help you look ahead to create a strategy that helps fully utilize the available tax reliefs. Moreover, we will also advise on tax incentives and other allowable tax deductions to minimize the amount of tax you pay.

Tax Health Check

Are you unsure whether you have been complying with requirements of the Income Tax Act 1967? Do you have doubts with your tax returns that you submitted the past years? Let us clear your doubts with our tax health checks services. Most importantly, these checks allow detailed reviews of your past tax submissions, accounts, supporting documents and information. In short, through this exercise, we can highlight the issues and recommend the best practices to mitigate any non-compliance risks.

Tax Advice

Transactions and businesses are becoming more complex. Hence, if you are seeking for taxation advice for a particular situation you are facing, our services will be of use. With this in mind, our tax advisors can discuss your options and identify appropriate solutions.

Tax Audit & Investigations

If you are targeted for desk audits, tax audits or tax investigations we can advise on the best course of action and represent you for negotiations and appeals to the IRB / LHDN. Notably, it is advisable to engage an experienced tax agent or tax consultant to handle your tax audit or investigation at the preliminary stage. That being said, you should already initiate the tax audit and investigation activities upon receiving the tax audit or investigation letter from the IRB / LHDN. This is to minimize any potential tax liabilities.

As your representative in handlings your tax audit or investigations, our scope of work covers:


Tax Appeals

Have you received a Notice of Assessment (Form J) or a Notice of Additional Assessment (Form JA) from the IRB / LHDN? If you do not agree with the amount raised in the Form J or Form JA, you are required to file a tax appeal through Form Q within 30 days from the date when the Form J or Form JA is raised. 

If you have missed the 30 days deadline, you may file a Form N for an appeal for extension of time. By all means, please contact us for assistance in filing or submission of Form Q, Form N or any other tax appeals.


Backlog Tax Returns

Many businesses failed to submit their tax returns on time, due to many reasons. For instance, you are unable to close accounts on time, you have incomplete documents, disputes between business partners, personal reasons or etc. On any grounds, it is still compulsory to submit your tax returns.

Pursuant to Section 90(3) of the Income Tax Act 1967, the Director General may raise an assessment based on his best judgement where a person has not furnished a tax return. This is to say, the IRB / LHDN are empowered to raise an assessment based on an estimated amount (through issuing a Form J – Notice of Assessment), if you do not submit your tax returns. For this reason, you will be compulsory to pay the amount raised before making any appeals.

However, as the appeal process and tax refund (if any) may take a long period of time, we would suggest taxpayers to submit their backlog tax returns immediately before such estimated assessment is raised by the IRB / LHDN. By all means, please contact us if you require assistance in submitting your backlog tax returns.


Voluntary Disclosures

If incorrect tax returns have been submitted in the past, taxpayers are encouraged to make a voluntary disclosure to correct the errors or mistakes. In due time, this will reduce the penalty rate imposed. In contrast to the penalties imposed on mistakes or errors discovered during a tax audit or investigation.

Tailored In-House or Internal Tax Seminars & Trainings

The scope of taxation is wide. Hence, we acknowledge the fact that each business is unique and taxpayers are often overloaded with information. Additionally, taxpayers are also unsure if certain regulations, guidelines, practices and even provision of the law is applicable to their business operations and industries. To tackle that, we provide in-house or internal tax seminars and trainings, covering different areas of tax, specially tailored to your company’s needs.

Capital Statements

The importance of capital statements in Malaysia is majorly overlooked. To the point that individuals, company directors or shareholders are requested to present their capital statements to the IRB / LHDN. As a matter of fact, the capital statement is used as a tool used by the IRB / LHDN to detect tax evasion. Notably, capital statements comprises two forms – CP103 (for assets and liabilities) and CP102 (cash flow income and expenditure). Therefore, we provide this service annually for individuals who wish to look into or review their actual net worth. This will also act as a measure to ensure that their taxes are not under-reported. Not just that, this would be a good practice as it will ensure that individuals are fully prepared. In short, they will be able to provide the necessary information and documents for inspection in the event of an audit or investigation. If you received a CP103 or CP102 from IRB / LHDN and require assistance in preparing a capital statement, please contact us.

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